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The Distress Centre of the Downtown Mission
Open 365 days a year!

The Downtown Mission is pleased to announce that it will be providing support to people in need of help through a new text and chat service working in conjunction with Distress and Crisis Centres Ontario. In addition to our phone line, individuals in need of support will now be able to reach out for help via text to 741741 or chat at www.downtownmission.com/distress.

Suicide is the leading cause of death among people under the age of 25. There are several community agencies that provide crisis counselling and help however, young adults wanting to access those services or get information about available programs may not use traditional sources of information gathering. Unable to find those resources increases the risk of doing harm.

Ron Dunn, Executive Director is pleased that the Downtown Mission is playing a leading role in addressing this crisis, “The statistics are staggering. A recent study by the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit and Canadian Mental Health Association, has discovered a 143 percent increase in suicide attempts by youth aged 10-19. That’s just in our community! One young person attempting to take their own life is tragic, an increase of 143% is simply unacceptable. If one teen finds the help and resources they need from this program, it’s worth it!”

People in crisis who prefer to speak to someone over the phone, are encouraged to call 519-256-5000 between 12 pm and 12 am any day and speak with a Distress Centre of The Downtown Mission Phone Volunteer, a service that has been a part of the Windsor-Essex Community since 1968.  Anyone who prefers to text or chat is encouraged to reach out for support during the hours of 2 pm and 2 am any day.

13 Reasons Why – Discussion

The Downtown Mission’s Distress Centre is aware that many people including young people may be watching the Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why.

Television often brings societal issues to light that produces larger discussions and debate. 13 Reasons Why is no different. However much of the material is graphic and potentially triggering for vulnerable people.

With this in mind, we have conducted literary searches for talking discussion points around this topic. If you are a parent of a teenager or twentysomething, experts suggest you ask if they have watched the series or are watching the series and use this as an opportunity for open discussion. Please read our full discussion points article here.